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Usability Audit service Usability Audit

Usability24/7 Usability Audit service is delivered by an experienced Accredited Practitioner. Typically the expert review is carried out over two days and focusses on a particular aspect of your website or app. Our usability audit scope can include any of the following:

  • Individual or multiple platforms (i.e. mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • International – multiple countries and languages – perfect for localisation
  • Prototype or live website or app
  • A UX Index score for current and future comparison

Our Usability Audit methodology

We have developed a rigorous methodology based on our core usability principles and that looks at multiple elements impacting the usability of a website. Our methodology encapsulates the usability heuristics developed by Jacob Nielsen but goes further to reflect the guidance organisations need in order to improve the overall performance of their digital interfaces. Not only do we define in detail the elements that we review, we also ensure that the way the assessment is conducted including the reporting format is always consistent and up to our high standards. A brief overview of the methodology is as follows:

Step 1 – objectives and scope

The first step when applying our methodology is to agree the areas of the website, product or app that are to be audited. Typically this will be the major processes or journeys and so for an eCommerce website this might include registration, browsing products, adding to basket and checkout. Once this is decided, we then need to understand your objectives and any information that will help us with the audit such as dummy login details that may be required to gain access to key areas.

Step 2 – initial walkthrough and context

Next we carry out an initial review of the user journeys or processes identified in the brief. The purpose of this is to orientate our expert with the site and identify any initial areas of concern to get a sense of priority. We are also looking at the level of consistency across the website, product or app to provide an overall context for the expert review.

Step 3 – evaluation criteria and priorities

The user journeys or processes are now reviewed against the evaluation criteria contained in our methodology. All are assessed against each of the 48 criteria across the 5 categories (Navigation, Content, Function, Presentation and Feedback) and the issues identified are documented. These findings will ultimately populate the charts that identify frequency and severity of issues.

By the end of step 3 we have a prioritised list of issues by category for each of the key user journeys or processes.

Step 4 – detailed analysis and recommendations

With the priorities set at stage 3 our Accredited Practitioner is now able to carry out the detailed analysis and make recommendations to correct issues. Starting with the highest priority issues the practitioner will work through the list and provide recommendations for as many issues as they can in the time available.

The number of issues identified per user journey, task or process can vary dependent how many individual user journey’s (etc.) are included within the scope of the project. Some scopes identify a single user journey and contains analysis of almost every issues from ‘critical’ to ‘minor’. Others define multiple user journeys and so only the most critical issues are addressed in the audit.

All the findings, recommendations, tables and charts are populated into the report and sent for a final check.

Step 5 – quality assurance

Every report goes through quality assurance before being released to the client. The quality check is designed to correct any typographical errors, to ensure that the methodology and scoring have been correctly followed and finally to review the recommendations and make sure they follow best practice. The report will then be supplied to you in PDF format.

Usability Audit deliverables

The deliverable for our usability audit service has been designed to communicate the findings from the review quickly and efficiently to your team

Usability Audit spidergram







The Exec summary includes a chart identifying the relative strength of the interface against our five key areas – Navigation, Content, Function, Presentation and Feedback.

Usability Audit pie chart








For each of the core areas such as ‘Navigation’ shown above, we provide a chart that quickly illustrates the range of issues from Major to Minor.

Usability Audit summary table







A summary table is provided to show at a glance, how many issues were identified in each area and by severity.

Usability Audit UX score card







A detailed table shows how the interface performed against the usability audit methodology in each category.

usability audit detailed analysis







And of course each issue is analysed and set out with clear recommendations.

Optional extras

  • Tasks: Powered by WhatUsersDo we are able to offer un-moderated tasks carried out by 5 participants that will be analysed by a usability24/7 accredited practitioner who will also make recommendations.
  • Presentation: some of our clients would like us to talk them through the findings and recommendations so we offer this as an optional extra delivered either over the phone or face-to-face. It saves all those customers that are happy working with the report from paying extra for something they don’t need.

The benefits

There are a number of benefits to using a Usability Audit and here are just a few:

  • A Usability Audit is both rapidly delivered and low cost
  • It’s exactly the same methodology wherever we run the project from Auckland to Zurich
  • We provide a detailed report with highly visual charts plus detailed analysis and recommendations
  • Our methodology can be applied to any platform whether websites, Smartphone or Tablet
  • You can add task analysis giving you the closest thing to lab testing without the labs

Who is it for?

A Usability Audit is primarily for organisations wishing to get a highly detailed set of usability recommendations in a relatively short time period. It is also for those wishing to compare improvements over time in the knowledge that the methodology is of a consistently high quality.

How much will it cost?

We believe in transparent pricing so you know what it’s going to cost before you begin to book your project. You can book your Usability Audit from as little as £2,000 plus VAT. If you choose to add options the price can increase but we will explain any pricing changes before you commit to a service.

Ready to get started? Get in touch by phone on +44(0)800 0246 247, or email or contact us.

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