Our People

Our Management Team

Usability24/7's management team consists of two people: founder and CEO Paul Blunden and Head of Research and Strategic Insights, Ajay Bhatia. They are based at the UX research agencies London headquarters in Paddington.

Paul Blunden

Paul Blunden – Founder and CEO

Paul Blunden has been in digital since the late 90's and worked for more than 15 years in the user experience  sector. He is an experienced agency CEO and has been involved in a number of agency and digital start-ups. Paul is a regular writer and commentator about user experience issues and is a popular and entertaining keynote speaker on subjects including mobile UX, agile, culture and UX strategy.
Ajay Bhatia

Ajay Bhatia – Director of Research and Strategic insights

Ajay Bhatia is a very experienced and well-rounded user centered design consultant with in-depth understanding of Information Architecture (IA) principles and User Experience (UX) best practices. Ajay is responsible for the team of UX researchers and consultants and helps businesses design multichannel user experiences across digital platforms.

Our Accredited Practitioners

Every one of our research and consulting team has come through our Accredited Practitioner programme and are awarded a badge within Credly. The programme evaluates user experience professionals for relevant skills and experience such as working with mobile, communication skills, length of practical experience and appropriate qualifications. The result is an international team that has proven and deep experience of user experience research, usability testing and offering advice to businesses.
Accredited Practitioner Badge
We employ a combination of full time, part time and freelance practitioners and select the most appropriate in terms of skills and experience when resourcing a project. Our Accredited Practitioner team is growing all the time and here are a few of our people:
Glenn Veugen

Glenn Veugen – Belgium

Glenn is a versatile UXD with experience in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. He holds a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng.), with a focus on User-System Interaction. Following his academic career, Glenn moved on to Philips TV (now TP Vision), Cheil Worldwide, and KBC Bank, working as a UX consultant. Glenn’s main strength lies in creating concepts that cater to both user and business needs, as well as designing intuitive interfaces that facilitate the user’s digital journey. For more please visit Glenn's website.
Zhengjie Liu

Zhengjie Liu – China

Zhengjie Liu is a pioneer of user experience and HCI in China. He has been involved in research, practice and teaching in this field since 1989 and founded Sino European Usability Center (SEUC) in 2000. He has rich experience in providing consultancy and training to industry including many multinational Fortune 500 companies that involved various user research and interaction design activities spanning entire product lifecycle. His aim is to help clients adopt user-centred design and innovation approach to sharply identify the needs, come up with innovative solutions and accurately evaluate product user experience for the Chinese market. For more please visit LinkedIn profile and SEUC website.
Ariel Steinberg

Ariel Steinberg – Dubai

Ariel is an experienced user and customer experience practitioner who has gained significant UX research experience in both the US and Dubai where she is currently based. With strong marketing and business experience supporting her in UX and CX Ariel is able to relate UX research and design to business goals and benefits. Ariel holds and MBA from Bentley University and is currently studying for and MS in Human Factors. For more please see Ariel’s LinkedIn profile.
Simone Henn

Simone Henn – Germany

Simone combines the passion for qualitative as well as quantitative research. She is highly skilled in a broad range of research methods such as usability interviews, eye tracking, focus groups, and online surveys. With her background in Psychology and a strong interest in new technology she brings in an ideal combination for great usability research. For more please Simone's LinkedIn profile.
Panagiotis Zacharias

Panagiotis Zacharias – Greece

Panagiotis has more than 15 years working as a UX Researcher in academic and business settings. He started his career as an academic researcher in the area of HCI and usability evaluation. He successfully completed and was awarded with PhD in Usability evaluation methods. He has been involved in several EC-funded research projects working on UX evaluation across several domains and especially e-learning applications and technologies. He is a published author with more than 50 papers in journals and conferences. In parallel with the academic activity, he is an independent UX Researcher working with several startups and companies on numerous projects. For more please see  Panagiotis' LinkedIn profile.
Reshmy Kurian

Reshmy Kurian – India

Reshmy is a very experienced UX practitioner and leader who operates where marketing, design and research come together. Her focus is on leading teams to create innovative online customer experiences that drive brand awareness, increase customer engagement and maximise revenue. With deep experience and wide exposure in verticals and disciplines she has developed a strong understanding of business, communication, aesthetics and functionality all of which enables her to deliver results. For more please see Reshmy’s LinkedIn profile.
Teun Blijlevens

Teun Blijlevens – Netherlands

I have a passion to make technologies as easy as possible, so that any person, including the ones without digital 'talents', can fully utilize it to make their daily life better and easier. By observing the real user interacting with the system in his own environment and situation (e.g. a website visitor or an employee working in administration software), I come up with solutions that benefit the user workflow and the systems usability significantly, causing a better user experience for the user. For the website owner it means more conversions and for the employer it means saving a lot of man hours and thus money. For more please see Teun's LinkedIn profile.
Cyprian Wong

Cyprian Wong – Singapore

Cyprian is a senior UX practitioner with significant experience operating in both Asia, Australia and the UK. Cyprian believes that creating engaging experiences isn't just about a site redesign or a rebrand but about rethinking the way a brand interacts and engages with its customers. What is important is getting the basics right and understanding the things that really motivate customers, with marketing, data, design, communications, tech, customer services and others working together to create a seamless experience across all channels, touch points and pain points. For more please see Cyprian’s LinkedIn profile.
Elizabeth Hammond United kingdom

Elizabeth Hammond – United Kingdom

Elizabeth is a Senior UX professional with more than a decade of experience working with both agencies and brands. In addition to her in depth UX research capabilities Elizabeth brings the ability to integrate quantitative data and to evaluate an experience across multiple touch points. Elizabeth has in depth knowledge of digital product development having worked as product owner with a major retailer. For more please see Elizabeth's LinkedIn profile.
Judith Fellowes

Judith Fellowes – United Kingdom

Judith is a Senior User Research Consultant with over 12 years experience leading research projects. Judith has worked with a broad variety of organization’s including the BBC, HSBC, Vodafone, Sky, Tesco and the Home Office. Judith is experienced with a broad range of usability techniques and is particularly in demand for persona projects. Judith is passionate about making technology accessible and promotes inclusion and diversity in all her work. For more please see Judith’s website.
Dr Hina Elton

Dr Hina Elton – United Kingdom

Hina is a Principal UX Consultant. She has 10 years experience leading and facilitating international design research across a number of sectors including medical, industrial, FMCG, retail, banking, finance and B2B software. With an academic background in Human Factors and also holding a PhD in Computer Science, Hina’s commercial experience covers a wide range of User Centred Design tools and techniques with both physical and digital interfaces such as contextual inquiry, empathic modelling, exploratory user testing, stakeholder interviews right through to product validation. For more please see Hina’s LinkedIn profile.
Kathy Neuss

Kathy Neuss – United Kingdom

Kathy is a highly experienced and creative independent User Research Consultant who leads research activities that improve the user experience of cross-channel products and services. With an academic background in Psychology, her 17 years of experience encompasses client-side, agency, and independent consulting across a wide-range of industries, organisations, and big-named brands. She has led research projects for MSN, Orange, Royal Bank of Scotland, eBay, Which, Gumtree, among others. For more please see Kathy's LinkedIn profile.
Ian Pardoe

Ian Pardoe – United Kingdom

Ian Pardoe has spent more than 25 years helping companies focus on the quality of the experience they deliver to their customers.  During this time Ian has held various senior roles including User Experience Director at TotalJobs Group, Head of Customer Experience Services at Egg and Head of Design & Usability at NTL (now Virgin Media). Ian now works as an independent consultant, advising organisations on both strategic and operational improvement. For more please see  Ian'sLinkedIn profile.
William Hudson

William Hudson – United Kingdom

William has been developing interactive systems since the early 1970's and actively involved with HCI, usability and user experience since the 1990's. His main aim in life is to try to understand why technology is so hard to use and how we need to change our processes to be more user-centred. William regularly presents tutorials on user-centred design at international conferences and runs user-centred design courses in London and elsewhere in Europe. When not writing and delivering courses, he focusses on novel approaches to user research, bringing a comprehensive understanding of software development methods to technology projects. For more please see William's website.
Dan Castle

Dan Castle – USA

Dan has been involved in Human Factors and UX since 1989 and has deep experience across a range of technologies and interfaces. With more than 25 years’ experience Dan has built up significant experience and capabilities in many UX methodologies including pre-design UX research, and UX/UI design, and usability testing. He has a particular passion for strategically applying the entire user centred design process to more complex products. Dan holds a BS in experimental psychology and an MS in Human Factors Engineering. For more please see Dan’s LinkedIn profile.