User Centred Design for Transformational Change

Our services framework consists of 4 stages that facilitate development of digital products.


PLAN - Generative Research

Carry out generative research at the start of a product or feature development, when it may be an intangible concept. Activities during this stage are designed to enrich the understanding of user experience requirements.

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PROTOTYPE - Prototyping & Rapid Research

During the prototyping and rapid iterative testing phases of a project we create (or support in-house design teams) and validate an interactive model of existing or new digital propositions.
The aim is to provide project sponsors (stakeholders) with tangible assets to enable both internal and end-user validation.

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DESIGN - Design Research

We provide a more complete evaluation facilitated by visually treated designs which are part of an ongoing build/development.

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DEPLOY - Summative Research

Typically scheduled at the end of product development or on a live product, summative research can help you identify any potential issues that may not have been anticipated during design, and help benchmark the product against competitors or a previous release.
The proposition is evaluated as a complete solution with emphasis on usability and task success.

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